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Consumer & Mobility

Medical – Non Invasive

Aerospace and Defence

Automotive and Industrial


Embedded product engineering

Einsteiner offers engineering services and consulting for hardware design and development. Whether a simple design concept, or an enhancement of you current design features, or need a complete design package including schematics, bill of materials, design documentation, and PCB layout or rework, Einsteiner can provide its expertise.

We Support:
Microcontroller/Microprocessor based designs
     •  ARM- Cortex/MIPS/PPC/DSP/INTL/,PowerPC, Multi-core, Dual-core, and Quad-core
     •  Transducer (MEMS, etc.)
     •  DSP Based Board Design
Prototype design and development
Embedded emulation
Hardware Interface and integration
Evaluation Module (EVM) Design
Programmable Logic design
Board layout/BOM optimization

BSP and Device Drivers for WinCE, Linux, Windows, RTOS Based Systems

Hardware Design Services:
Schematic Validation and review
Power management
Low EMI design
PCB Layout Design
Specific to RF designs
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